Windsong Senior Living

Our Family’s Senior Care Philosophy

We understand that making a move from a home where we have been comfortable for many years can be both physically and emotionally difficult. At Windsong, we discuss with a potential resident what he/she is needing, and together, we can decide if Windsong is the right “fit”. We know we are not for everyone, and yet for some, we are ideal.

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At Windsong Living, we know from years of experience that it’s the people that matter. We have come up with the following philosophy of senior care based upon what we think matters most.

Resident-Centered Attention. The needs and desires of our senior residents are at the center of what happens here. Whether it is finding that special piece of chicken on your dinner plate or continuing to attend a particular church, we continually ask, “What do the people who receive our attention want, and how can we make it happen?” This dedication to defining needs and solutions is a key part of the Windsong Living culture.

Intimate, Homelike Environment. We are not a “big box” or a corporate retirement institution. We do everything we can to bring intimacy, privacy, and community into the lives of our residents. Our comfortable, homelike apartments and studios create a close-knit, small-scale neighborhood that nurture and encourage relationships among residents.

Long-term, Permanent Staff. Because the staff is the heart and soul of our community, we take great care to hire, train, and retain high quality personnel. On average, our staff has been with Windsong Living for over eight years. Our staff members know each resident intimately and provide a personal, human approach to service.

We are not a full service assisted living facility, but we offer enough services to help mostly-Independent Seniors retain their independence and self-sufficiency. You can think of it as Independent Living with just enough help.

Windsong Senior Living

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